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My maternal surnames are: (files updated July 2009)
Amos, Crain, Devore, Dickinson, (Fitz)Gerald, Kidd, Martin, Mitchell and other.

My paternal surnames are (files updated July 2009)
Bailey, Houston, Matthews, McCann, Mooring, Pitcox/Pitcock and others.

The files that I have online do not list a person's birthday, UNLESS, I have a death date or they are over 100 years old. I feel that it is best to leave that information off the Internet.

I know there have been deaths since I last updated my information in 2009, I'm sorry for the delay. I plan on updating this site sometime this year, 2015.


Click to view my Maternal surnames

Click to view my Paternal surnames

A special thanks to Karen, John and GIn, for helping me get started with my McCann and Viser information.