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Mystery Grandmother Crain Found

Unknown son of George and Lucy Amos Crane found


I have found Aaron Proctor Crain on the 1860 Missouri Census AND his wife, the mother of his four sons.


According to the 1840 Hart County, Ky., census, there were 7 males "under 5" to "20 to 30" years old. That means there are two unaccounted sons. One of which is Joseph Underwood Crane.

Please feel free to pass the good news around, however, please give me credit for it, researched by Chrystal Bailey Talbott.

In my Documents Album, I have put the three supporting documents to this find. Their son John Will Crain's death certificate, Proctor and Amelia's marriage license and the 1860 Vernon County, Mo. census.

On page 4 is a copy of Joseph Underwood Crane's death certificate.

I hope ya'll are as excited about this as I was and am.

March 9, 2001



I have more information on our Grandmother. As soon as I have entered more names in my data base I will be updating my online files.

I now have her parents and I believe the majority of her siblings.

Joseph Underwood Crane married Mary J. Amos in Clinton County, Mo. on June 19, 1845. Mary is a sister to Amelia Amos Crain.




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